It’s the Moment of Truth – Will you Win or Lose It?

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You spent all that marketing budget to get consumers to call your business. Now the consumer is on the phone and the Moment of Truth has arrived. With research showing that customers who call convert faster, spend more and show greater loyalty you must ask yourself, can you afford not to convert them?


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Reasons to Attend

Join the Marchex team for a discussion about how its Call Analytics technology can empower to “win the moment of truth” with best practices that convert more consumers that call into customers. We share industry studies showing how Marchex’s AI-powered, enterprise-class call analytics platform can identify points of failure in business conversations with consumers, improve their call experience, and positively impact your bottom line.

In this webinar recording, our speakers share:
  • How to “monetize the moment” - the window of time you have on the phone with customers
  • Industry best practices that prevent you from losing customers “in the moment”
  • Why enterprise brands trust Marchex to strengthen their digital marketing and sales enablement strategies
Watch now to learn more on how Marchex’s AI-powered, Enterprise-class platform can help transform your business.



Erin Murphy
Analytics Manager 2
Marchex Institute



Stephanie Craig
Senior Product Marketing Manager